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COM 310 Week 5 Individual Assignment Television Latests Program Analysis

COM 310 Week 5 Individual Assignment Television Latests Program Analysis
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COM 310 Week 5 Individual Assignment Television News Program Analysis

Watch television news coverage of the same story on three different TV networks to address the following three questions. Write an analysis of your findings in a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper. Include how the three different forms of coverage of the same news story are portrayed and how the segments are framed with regard to presentation and bias. Cite at least two peer-reviewed sources other than your textbook.
•  What are the points of view of the segments? Are they objective or subjective? How do they demonstrate that point of view? What was included that should not have been? What was omitted? (Answer with approximately 700 words.)
•  How are various social groups within the news segments represented? Answer with approximately 350 words.

•  Are these news segments taken at face value or are they sensationalized for entertainment? How do these news segments affect your personal values? Why or why not? (Answer with approximately 700 words.)


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