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SCI 245 Week 3 CheckPoint Plate Tectonic Theory

SCI 245 Week 3 CheckPoint Plate Tectonic Theory
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SCI 245 Week 3 CheckPoint Plate Tectonic Theory

Your younger brother is in 5th grade. He comes home and tells you to look at an animation his teacher showed him in geology class. 

Review the Continents of the Past animation on the student Web site. 

After viewing the animation, your brother has a look of disbelief on his face, “C’mon, really? Our whole continent moves? That’s bogus!” Instead of blowing him off like you usually do, you decide to sit down and educate him about plate tectonics. First, you give him an overview about two historical figures that contributed to the plate tectonic theory. Then, you decide to show him how the plates move by boiling a pot of water (shown on p. 108) and relating it to mantle convection and plate movement. 

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