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BUS 100 Quiz 5 Chapter 5 LATEST

BUS 100 Quiz 5 Chapter 5 LATEST
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BUS 100 Quiz 5 Chapter 5 NEW

1. Demographic segmentation divides the market by
2. According to the textbook, using scanner data from retail sales is an example of
3. Creating products tailored for individuals on a mass basis is referred to as
4. _____ describes how people act when buying products to use directly or indirectly to produce other products.
5. Many firms develop a formal _____ to  the question: Who is your target market and how do you plan to reach them?
6. _____ refers specifically to how people act when buying goods and services for personal consumption.
7. In customer relationship management, firms selling big-ticket items with small customer bases often find it advantageous to develop
8. The American Marketing Association defines marketing as the
9. _____ segmentation is a vital starting point for most marketers
10. _____ is the customer’s perception that a product has a strong, positive relationship between its cost and benefits.

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