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BUS 661 Change Stories LATEST

BUS 661 Change Stories LATEST
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BUS 661 Change Stories NEW


Briefly reflect upon an important change you have experienced in your life. Compare your change to the change stories from the beginning of Chapter
1.Compare the change stories from the beginning of Chapter 1. Answer the following questions and respond to at least two of your classmates' postings.
What are the common issues across each story?
What are the differences?
Of the change "lessons" outlined in Table 1.1, which of these are present in
these stories? Which are absent? What are the implications of this?
Are there other "lessons" embedded in the stories for future changes for/to
the companies?
What three key conclusions do you draw from these stories about managing
change? What lessons are embedded in these stories that you can apply to future
changes you may face?


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