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CMGT 555 Week 3 Individual System Design LATEST

CMGT 555 Week 3 Individual System Design LATEST
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CMGT 555 Week 3 Individual System Design NEW
Following the delivery of your project overview, your company asks you
to lead the design and work with the project manager to implement a
system that will allow consumers to make online purchases, as well as
leave feedback about their products and the shopping experience.
To implement this online system, you need to prepare a project plan
and design specifications.
Prepare an Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) and Workflow Diagram
using the software of your choice; such as Microsoft® Visio®, Microsoft®
PowerPoint® or LucidChart, along with a 525-word explanation of the
Include the following in your response:
Design considerations for a Mobile App.
Differences between the Mobile App and Web App.
Required database entities and attributes for the system.
Detailed ERD demonstrating the relationship between entities that
you have identified, including primary keys and the attributes the
primary keys link to.
Workflow diagram demonstrating how to place an order, make a
payment, and submit the order.
Include illustration(s) for how the user will provide feedback.
Submit your Diagrams and response to the  Files tab

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