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CMGT 579 Week 2 Learning Team Assignment Latest

CMGT 579 Week 2 Learning Team Assignment Latest
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CMGT 579 Week 2 Learning Team Assignment NEW

Perform a risk assessment of your selected organization identify the risks and potential impacts associated with the areas of the organization related to security, auditing, and disaster recovery. Identification should include tangible and intangible risk and impacts. The impacts should be quantified in terms of dollars from lost sales, property damage, increased expenses, etc. 

The risk assessment will address the following objectives:
a) Identify company IT assets and functions that are necessary for the business to continue operations following a disaster. These assets and functions will be prioritized according to the time in which they are needed and how critical they are to the business function. 
b) For each IT asset and function identify existing threats or risks present.
c) BIA – refer to lecture for BIA example.
Remember that you are identifying the risks here not mitigating (preventing) them, that comes later ;). This document just identifies the risks.

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