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DBM 502 Week 2 Team Database Roles LATEST

DBM 502 Week 2 Team Database Roles LATEST
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DBM 502 Week 2 Team Database Roles NEW
Learning Team: Database Roles
Review the Learning Team Project Instructions.
Write a 2- to 3-page paper describing the organization's staffing needs relative to database and application development, and database administration. The team needs to agree on the staff positions to use. From there, they must decide on a job description for each position including expected education and certifications, required skills, experience, and expected pay range. All of these should be supported by references (including information from salary surveys or the Occupational Outlook Handbook to show that pay ranges are reasonable).
In this week's paper, the team must make a partial submission of the final report that will:
Identify the role(s) assumed by each team member.
Describe each position, including title, job description, required education and/or certification, expected experience, skills required, pay range, and one or more questions to ask candidates during the interview. There should be enough positions to handle the major activities in database development and administration. Each description should identify the organizational role that is responsible for the position and the author of the description in that role (e.g., the DBA from the database administration role, or a business analyst from the user/stakeholder or application team).
Submit your assignment using the Assignment Files tab.

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