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GSP 125 Week 7 iLab win32game Latest

GSP 125 Week 7 iLab win32game Latest
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  • GSP 125 Week 7 iLab

GSP 125 Week 7 iLab win32game NEW


Looking for help with C++ lab, please see attached zip, inside main.cpp are directions:
// 1) Replace Vector2 and Coordinate
// a) Create a new Vec2 class as a replacement for both Vector2 and
// Coordinate. Vec2 must be a templated class, so that it stores and
// manipulates X and Y values of a templated type. It may be helpful to
// start with the Vector2 class, add "template" to the
// header, and replace (Ctrl+H) each instance of "float" with "TYPE", and
// "Vector2" with "Vec2".
// b) Remember, a templated class must have all method definitions in the
// same file as the templated class declaration. Also remember that method
// definitions outside of a templated class' declaration need a 
// "template" header, and a "" appended to the class
// name with the scope resolution operator (e.g.: 
// "void Vec2::limitMagnitude(TYPE max) {/* method body */}").
// c) Replace the use of Vector2 with Vec2.
// d) Replace the use of Coordinate with Vec2.
// 2) More Game Goals
// a) Instead of having a single goal for the player, create at least 3
// randomly placed goals for the player. Use a "std::vector" 
// object (from the Standard Template Library) named "goals" to store the
// goals.
// c) Whenever the user clicks in the game window, the game should create
// another goal object for the player to get, and add it to the
// "std::vector goals" object.
// d) Each retrieved goal should be removed from the game after being
// retrieved by the player. A "You Win!" message should display when the
// player retrieves all goals.

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