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GSP 215 Week 7 Homework Networking Commands Latest

GSP 215 Week 7 Homework Networking Commands Latest
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GSP 215 Week 7 Homework Networking Commands NEW

Week 7 Homework—Networking Commands


This week's homework will focus on basic networking commands.

Display IP configuration settings.

1.      Open a Windows CLI (Start->run type in cmd and press enter)

2.      The ipconfig command is used to view a computer's IP address. When your system is resolving the DNS addresses incorrectly, flushing the DNS using ipconfig –flushdns is a helpful command. To release and renew an IP address, use ipconfig – release and ipconfig –renew.


What does subnet mask mean? What does default gateway mean?



3.      Ping is used to verify connectivity to a network. Ping a web address of your choice, and press control + c to stop it.


Paste the screenshot below.



4.      Run traceroute on a website address of your choice (control + c to stop).  Example:



5.      Nslookup is helpful to know if the DNS is working correctly. Run nslookup against a hostname to see if the name is resolved. Example:


6.      The netstat command has many options and gives a lot of information about your network. The –a option will show you the open ports on your computer.


7.      If you have a Windows machine, go to the control panel on your computer. Then pick network and sharing center.



Under view your active networks, you will see a link next to connections (in the above picture it is wired). Click on the link you see next to connections, then click on properties.  Select Internet protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4), and click properties.


Note that changing these settings may disconnect you, so click cancel rather than OK.

•     To obtain IP settings automatically, click obtain an IP address automatically, and then click OK.

•     To specify an IP address, click use the following IP address, and then in the IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway boxes, type the IP address settings.


Take a screenshot of your settings.


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