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HIS 104 Week 2 Haitian Revolution Latest

HIS 104 Week 2 Haitian Revolution Latest
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HIS 104 Week 2 Haitian Revolution NEW

Haitian Revolution. Write a paper discussing the origins and impacts of Haitian Revolution, explaining all of the following points: 

1.    How did the French Revolution and the ideas of the Enlightenment contributed to the Haitian Revolution.

2.    What were different goals of the five main groups in Haiti: wealthy whites, poor whites, mulattos,

maroons (escaped slaves encampments), and enslaved people?

3.    What contributed to the success of the revolution?

4.    How did the Haitian Revolution impact the rest of the America?

5.    What are some of the legacies of the Haitian Revolution in Haiti today?

In order to gain a better understanding of the Haitian Revolution, watch the following film and review the following timeline:

1.    Koval, M., & Asté, P. (Producers). (2009). Égalité for all: Toussaint Louverture and the Haitian revolution [Video]. Retrieved from the Films On Demand database.

2.    Shen, K. (2008, December 9). History of Haiti 1492-1805 [Timeline]. Retrieved from

To undertake the research for this assignment, review the following online exhibition, and read the following scholarly source:

1.    (n.d.). The other revolution: Haiti, 1789 – 1804 [Online exhibition]. Retrieved from

2.    Knight, F. W. (2005). The Haitian Revolution and the notion of human rights. Journal of the Historical Society, 5(3), 391-416. doi:10.1111/j.1540-5923.2005.00136.x. Retrieved from the Academic Search Complete (EBSCOhost) database.

The paper must:

1.    Be two to three pages in length, not including title and reference page.

2.    Be formatted according to APA style.

3.    Contain at least one quote from “The Haitian Revolution and the Notion of Human Rights.” For

information on how to do this, visit the Ashford Writing Center.

4.    Contain one quote from a primary source from the online exhibition of the Haitian Revolution.

5.    Cite sources in text and on the reference page. 

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