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HRM 310 Week 2 Assignment Readiness for Change (2 Paper) Latest

HRM 310 Week 2 Assignment Readiness for Change (2 Paper) Latest
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HRM 310 Week 2 Assignment Readiness for Change (2 Paper) NEW

This Tutorial contains 2 Papers

Research the Internet using a search engine of your choice for internal and external data or information on one of the following companies: Uber, Verizon, Facebook, Microsoft®, Apple, Starbucks, Google™, General Motors, Amazon, Whole Foods Market, Capital One Financial, or Hyatt Hotels.

Discuss with your team how the selected company can improve within one of the following areas: customer service, employee morale, or greater market share.
Rate the company’s readiness for change using Table 4.1 “Rate the Organization’s Readiness for Change” in Ch. 4 of Organizational Change.
Replicate this chart, complete it, and submit it as an attachment to the written paper required for this assignment.
Write a 750 to 1,050-word paper, written in the third person voice, and address the following issues:
 Evaluate the data to be used in internal and external organizational change management.
 Describe the pros and cons of the information you gathered.
 Articulate an effective improvement plan for the needed change
 Discuss a vision for change, and craft a vision statement appropriate for the change sought.
 Create a model to assess your company’s readiness for change. Describe your model and its components.
 Include a conclusion to summarize your research and the company’s readiness for change.
Include support for your assessment by citing Organizational Change as well as a minimum of two of the Week 2 Electronic Reserve Readings sources in your paper.
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.
Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.


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