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ISCOM 361 Week 5 Risk Management Plan (Custom Writing) Latest

ISCOM 361 Week 5 Risk Management Plan (Custom Writing) Latest
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ISCOM 361 Week 5 Risk Management Plan (Custom Writing) NEW

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Your company produces jet skis for the U.S. market. One of your key suppliers of engine components has filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy.   Your company is hitting its peak production season and has sales forecasts of 2,000 units per week for the next 12 weeks.   Your supplier has enough remaining inventory of components to support your production for 4 weeks. 


 defines the methods that you will use to manage the current supplier situation, and explain how you will identify and onboard a new supplier to ensure the continued supply of components.   


Describe the impact of the supplier's previous Chapter 11 bankruptcy on potential supply.  Discuss your options relative to your customer communications during this critical period.


 Include examples of how other companies have worked with troubled suppliers and established risk mitigation techniques. 

Describe how to manage current supply  situation with only four weeks of engines left in current supplier’s inventory

Diagram or picture describing Supplier selection decision 

Describe a method of on boarding a new supplier for engines with the capacity to deliver 2000 units a week starting in 4 weeks

 Describe how customer communication is critical and use examples

Diagram or chart of Risk Management and Financial Evaluation

Describe mitigation techniques for this situation

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