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MGMT 591 Complete Week 7
MGMT 591 Complete Week 7
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MGMT 591 Complete Week 7

MGMT 591 Week 7 DQ 1

Describe your current or most recent employer’s organizational design (mechanistic, organic, hybrid). Is the structure consistent with the company goals? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the org designs you chose?  What is your opinion of your organization’s design? Do you think it is the most effective design for your particular workplace? From an organizational design perspective, what changes would you recommend if you had the power to alter the current design?  When an organization is small (10 employees for example), an informal design tends to be convenient and practical very often. However, suppose it is not 10 or even 50 employees. Rather it has 1,000 employees or even more. Is informal design still a good idea? Have you ever worked for a company where the very structure of the organization was a hindrance to its mission? If you were the manager of the organization, what changes would you have made?

MGMT 591 Week 7 DQ 2

Over the last three weeks we have focused very much on leadership, power, organizational culture, and organizational change. Our case study for the week is a great synthesis piece that addresses all of these topics through a detailed study of firm’s attempted move to team-based management…. Have you ever seen a workplace situation where 1 person was dragging down an entire department because of their negative energy? Ever been at a meeting with a nay sayer among the ranks? This is the person who is just waiting to shoot down any idea that comes along at a team meeting – they are chronically dissatisfied with any and all suggestions. How do we deal with these people? Debate is absolutely essential and healthy in most situations. However, simply shooting down someone’s idea without offering something as al alternative – well, that’s a bit lame isn’t it? Assuming you are a new CEO entering a company with an entrenched culture that has REFUSED to change with several past leaders, what would you do?

MGMT 591 Week 7 Case Study Work Team Empowerment

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