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MGT 465 Week 3 Executive Summary Data LATEST

MGT 465 Week 3 Executive Summary Data LATEST
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MGT 465 Week 3 Executive Summary Data NEW


Executive Summary Data


Complete the following template:

Executive Summary Element Research Results
Product/Service Idea- Describe Product/Service Characteristics
Unique Features 
Limits and Liabilities

Production and Delivery or
Service Execution


Intellectual Property/Permits 
Business Location- Describe Planned Business Location
Home Based 
Multiple Locations 
Lease Facility- Existing

New Facility
Construction- Own

New Facility Construction-

Other- Specify 
Additional Executive Summary Information- Specify Below



Part Two: Reflection and Observations


Answer the following questions:


What role did each team member provide to obtain business plan information?

What roadblocks did the team face when obtaining required information?

What lessons were learned during the week’s Learning Team assignment which can be applied during the specific phase of business start-up?

What is the team’s overall observations of this week’s assignment relative to the type of
information needed to develop a comprehensive business plan?


How does this week’s Learning Team assignment support the Learning Objectives?

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