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POL 300 Week 1 Quiz LATEST

POL 300 Week 1 Quiz LATEST
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POL 300 Week 1 Quiz NEW

Question 1  The first great age of balance-of-power is said to have begun with the

Question 2  The isolationist nations in the interwar period were

Question 3  All but the __________ empire collapsed in World War I:

Question  4  The ____________ system first emphasized sovereignty. 

Question 5  An alternate hypothesis to balance-of-power is

Question 6  In IR, Kansas would __________ considered a state because it _________.

Question 7  The likely weak spot of a multipolar economic race is

Question 8  _______ destabilized the 19th-century system of empires.

Question 9   Areas dominated by lawlessness are called

Question 10  "Power" in IR is best defined as 


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