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POL 300 Week 4 Quiz LATEST

POL 300 Week 4 Quiz LATEST
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POL 300 Week 4 Quiz NEW

Question 1  Rhodesia declared its independence from Britain in

Question 2  Portugal rounded Africa in

Question 3  The worst death toll since World War II was in

Question 4  In 1975, Portugal finally got out of

Question 5  ___________ renamed the Congo ___________.

Question 6  ___________ would be the best example of a failed state.

Question 7  Angola, a _______________ colony, won its freedom in _______.

Question 8  In 1947, the British Raj split the subcontinent into 

Question 9  Distributing wealth to supporters is called

Question 10  The Gold Coast of West Africa became independent

Question 11  In 1967, Israel won the following area(s):

Question 12  Britain seemed to promise Palestine to the Arabs in the

Question 13  The Balfour Declaration

Question 14  The Suez Crisis involved Israel, Egypt,

Question 15  __________ caused Israel's 2006 incursion into Lebanon.

Question 16  The 1973 war ended with a strategic psychological tie for both Israel and Egypt, but a tactical victory for

Question 17  The key event in the founding of political Zionism was the

Question 18  Israeli military doctrine is based on ayn brayra, meaning

Question 19  "Zionism" means

Question 20  A(n) ___________ is a Palestinian uprising against Israel. 

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