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POL 300 Week 6 Quiz LATEST

POL 300 Week 6 Quiz LATEST
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POL 300 Week 6 Quiz NEW

Question 1  Europe in the Middle Ages was ______________ the Arab and Chinese empires.

Question 2   ___________ culture is especially resistant to modern values.

Question 3  Success in one country creates a(n) _____________ for others.

Question 4  __________ is the usual way to measure economic growth.

Question 5 Max Weber explained the rise of capitalism as based on

Question 6  "_____________" is another name for black market.

Question 7  All have made great economic gains except

Question 8  Rapid population growth is found in all below except 

Question 9  Socialism in the Global South shows ______ success stories.

Question 10  The first to write that capitalism had given itself new life by expanding around the globe in the form of imperialism was

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