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POS 355 Week 5 Security Plan LATEST

POS 355 Week 5 Security Plan LATEST
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POS 355 Week 5 Security Plan NEW

Create a one security plan for all three proposed Operating Systems; Network OS, Standalone OS, and Mobile Device OS.
Include the following sections as described below.
Section I: Operating System Description/Purpose
Write a one to three paragraph short description for each selected Operating System and explain the purpose of each; Network OS, Standalone OS, and Mobile Devices OS.
Section II: Security Risks
Include a minimum of ten types of computer security threats and risks. Explain at least three risks for each system or a combination that impacts all the Operating Systems. Briefly explain each threat by answering the following questions:
What type of threat is it?
What system does it impact? 
How does it impact that system?
Section III: Security Risk Mitigation Plan
Provide mitigation plans for each threat listed in the previous section by completing the following:
Explain the plan to prevent the threat from happening. 
Briefly explain the plan if the threat does happen.
The 3 operating systems are Windows, Android and Cisco.

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