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PSY 100 quiz 3 (1) Latest

PSY 100 quiz 3 (1) Latest
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PSY 100 quiz 3 (1) NEW

  • Question 1


____________ is defined as a response made by individuals to threatening events that tax their ability to cope?

  • Question 2

_______________ is the belief that you can master a situation and produce positive outcomes.

  • Question 3


_______________ is the tendency to assume that your own behaviors are responsible for whatever happens to you.

  • Question 4

The segregation practiced in areas of the United States until the 1960s as well as apartheid, that was policy in South Africa until recent times, would be extreme examples of the cultural adaptation of:

  • Question 5

Which of the following is the BEST summary of the relationship between stress and the immune system functioning?

  • Question 6

In ____________, individuals evaluate their resources and determine how effectively they can be used to cope with the event.

  • Question 7

__________ occurs when stimuli become so intense that one can no longer cope with them.

  • Question 8


According to the findings of the Chicago Stress Project, the high-stress business executives who had high levels of hardiness, exercise, and social support were:

  • Question 9

The general adaptation syndrome was developed by ___________ to describe the common effects on the body when stressors persist.

  • Question 10

__________ occurs when one must decide between two or more incompatible options.

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