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PSYC 110 Week 5 Chapter 8 Study Plan LATEST

PSYC 110 Week 5 Chapter 8 Study Plan LATEST
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PSYC 110 Week 5 Chapter 8 Study Plan NEW

1) Which of the following is true about reflexes?

2) Vygotsky's __________ is the difference between what a child can do alone versus what a child can do with the help of a teacher.

3) The visual cliff experiment showed that babies have:

4) Adolescence refers to the period between:

5) The impulsive and often risky behavior that can still be seen in adolescence is partially the result of:

6) Down syndrome is:

7) Genes that actively control the expression of a trait are referred to as:

8) A __________ will always be expressed in the observable trait.

9) Humans have a total of __________ chromosomes in each cell of their bodies.

10) When the mass of cells does not completely split apart, the result is:

11) __________ is a teratogen that may cause blindness.

12) During the embryonic period, the embryo ____________.

13) The placenta begins to form during the _______________ period.

14) The changes that women experience 5 to 10 years prior to menopause are:

15) Generally speaking, a person experiences the peak of their physical functioning during their:

16) During the intimacy versus isolation stage, Erikson saw the primary task to be:

17) Erikson believes that during late adulthood, people engage in a process called:

18) The first stage in Kubler-Ross's theory is:

19) People who ________ have been found to be far less likely to develop memory problems in old age.

20) The primary task of individuals facing Erikson's stage of identity versus role confusion is to:

21) SyMa is a middle-aged woman who volunteers as a youth coordinator at her church and as a Girl Scout leader She is developing what Erikson referred to as:

22) A 4 year old watches her father pour liquid from a short, wide glass into a tall, thin glass. She believes that there is now more liquid in the tall glass than there was in the short glass. This is known as:

23) Seeing a dog for the first time. Kenetra—whose family owns a cat—points and says "cat " Piaget would say this is an example of:

24) Games such as "peek-a-boo" are important for infants because they help babies develop ___________.

25) When Calvin's mother left him with the babysitter, Calvin said, 'Mommy go." This is an example of:

26) Pete and Evelyn are decorating the room for the baby they are expecting. To ensure that the baby's room provides appropriate stimulation, the couple seek the advice of a developmental psychologist, who tells them that newborns prefer to look at:

27) Vygotsky emphasized the importance of social interactions in cognitive development, whereas ____________ stressed the importance of the child's interactions with objects.

28) Sixteen year old Esmerelda often drinks several glasses of beer and then drives herself home. When her parents express worry that her drinking and driving will lead to an accident. Esmerelda responds, "That won't happen to me. It only happens to other people." Esmerelda's thinking reflects:

29) In the study of human development. the term nature refers to:

30) Behavioral genetics is the study of:


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