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PSYC 110 Week 6 Chapter 12 Study Plan LATEST

PSYC 110 Week 6 Chapter 12 Study Plan LATEST
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PSYC 110 Week 6 Chapter 12 Study Plan NEW

1) A person tries to change the belief, opinion, or course of action of another person through:

2) According to the  __________ people either expand on what they hear or they pay attention to the surface characteristics of persuasive messages.

3) Studies have found that the _______ is particularly active when people have made a decision that reduces dissonance and then acted on that decision.

4) Which of the following statements best describes attitudes?

5) The fundamental attribution error is less likely:

6) Some research suggests that _______is one of the main factors that influence people's choices for selecting people they want to know better.

7) In one study, college students liked another student simply because they were told that the other student liked them. This is an example of which rule of attraction?

8) In Sternberg's theory ,  ________ the physical aspects of love.

9) In order to teach her second grade students about  ________, teacher Jane Elliot created in-groups and out-groups based on the superficial characteristic of eye color.

10) The formation of in-groups and out-groups:

11) Scapegoats are:

12) The "jigsaw classroom":

13) Strategies for overcoming prejudice include:

14) The sadistic behavior of the "guards" in Philip Zimbardo's Stanford Prison Study:

15)  ____________ occurs when a person fails to take responsibility for action or inaction because of the presence of other people who are seen to share the responsibility.

16) As we interact with others on a daily basis, our behavior, feelings, and thoughts are often guided by:

17) In Solomon Asch's study, confederates were instructed to:

18) The war in Iraq, the design of the ship Titanic, and the Challenger disaster are all given in the textbook as examples of:

19) In his experiment on conformity, Asch found that:

20) Research on conformity suggests that if a __________response is required, _______  show more conformity than __________.
21) The door-in-the-face technique involves:

22) A person demanding _______ has power or authority to command a behavioral change, rather than just ask for a change.

23) Julie is a psychologist involved in figuring out how to get people to purchase a certain brand of computer. Julie is involved in:

24) Justin walks into the morning meeting 15 minutes late. His boss, Marco, assumes that traffic was bad this morning. Marco is using an example of:

25) The presence of others heavily influences helping behavior when a situation is: 

26) Harry's friend Logan studies a lot, so Harry assumes that Logan is smart. Harry's belief is based on: 

28) When parents tell their children that smoking cigarettes is dangerous and unhealthy, and the children develop negative attitudes toward smoking, this is an example of:

29) Shawn and Tanya start talking after they've ridden on the dorm elevator several times together. This is an example of which rule of attraction?

30) Jackie is assigned to a group project. It is in her best subject, and she finds the material easy. Jackie will probably experience:



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