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SCI 228 Week 1 Quiz
SCI 228 Week 1 Quiz
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SCI 228 Week 1 Quiz

TCO 1) Which statement is FALSE concerning the field of nutrition?

(TCO 1) On average, Americans eat ________ commercially prepared meals each week.

(TCO 1) Including fiber in your diet is beneficial to your GI tract, but consuming excess amounts of fiber can result in the loss of nutrients. This statement is an example of which of the factors to consider in planning diets?

(TCO 1) What element makes protein different from carbohydrates and fat?

(TCO 3) Collectively, the nerves of the gastrointestinal tract are referred to as:

(TCO 3) Barbara has just been diagnosed with celiac disease. Which of the following foods would be most dangerous for her to consume?

(TCO 3) An estimated ________ of all chicken eggs in the U.S. are contaminated with Salmonella.

(TCO 3) A cyclic food allergy is one that:

(TCO 3) The easiest and most effective way to prevent food-borne illnesses is to:

(TCO 3) Why is rBGH given to many U.S. dairy cows?

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