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SCI 362 Assignment Biocentric Ethics Analysis

SCI 362 Assignment Biocentric Ethics Analysis
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SCI 362 Assignment Biocentric Ethics Analysis

Resources: Environmental Ethics, Ch. 2, 5, and 6 and Watersheds 4, Ch. 2, 3, and 10

Write at least a 1,050-word paper addressing the following: 

·         Explain the importance of biodiversity to ecosystems and society.

·         Compare and contrast the inherent and utilitarian views of the value of biodiversity.

·         Assess the effects of GMOs on biodiversity, including:

·         Why GMOs are used

·         How GMOs are created. How is this different from naturally occurring life?

·         Evaluate the controversy regarding GMOs, especially as it relates to biodiversity

·         Assess the effects of fisheries and aquaculture on biodiversity, including:

·         How modern fishery practices affect biodiversity

·         How aquaculture practices affect biodiversity

·         Provide some possible strategies for addressing issues with GMOs and fisheries, including 

·         Your reasoning for these specific strategies

·         How inherent and utilitarian views of biodiversity relate to your proposed strategies

·         The role of conservation and sustainable growth in your proposed strategies

Include at least 3 sources, in addition to your textbook.

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