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SOC 203 Week 2 Quiz

SOC 203 Week 2 Quiz
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SOC 203 Week 2 Quiz

1.         The No Child Left Behind Act has been criticized for ALL BUT ONE of the following:

 focusing on test scores

 desegregation practices

narrowing the curriculum

lowering standards


 2.        Which of the sociological perspectives argues that funding does not always directly correlate to student success?




Symbolic Interactionism


 3.        Which country was the first to legalize gay marriage?

The United States

South Africa


The Netherlands


 4.        Annette Laureau’s book Unequal Childhoods suggests that the parents’ ___________________  directly impacts a child’s chances of academic success.

 social class


cultural capital

 marital status


 5.        What type of inequities do conflict theorists focus on when considering educational issues?






 6.        Public schools maintain an ethnic and economic diversity that reflects the national population rather than the local one.




 7.        According to Paul Willis in his book, Learning to Labour, teaching styles differ in schools depending on the __________________ of the students.






 8.        Which theoretical perspective suggests that racial inequalities serve a purpose in social structure and political life?






 9.        Which of the following disciplines are women less likely to study, leading to education-related economic inequality?


 Applied sciences




10.      When were Jim Crow segregation laws imposed in the United States?

The 17th century

The 18th century

 The 19th century

The 20th century 



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