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BIO 100 CheckPoint: Plants vs. Animals Latest

  • BIO 100 CheckPoint: Plants vs. Animals Latest
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BIO 100 CheckPoint: Plants vs. Animals NEW

 Resources: Plants vs. Animals activity and the Plant and Animal Cells exercise
 Due Date: Day 5 [Individual forum]
Review the Plants vs. Animals activity at and familiarize yourself with the different structures of plant and animal cells.
BIO 100—Introduction to Life Science with Lab
Course Syllabus Page 12
Complete the Plant and Animal Cells multimedia exercise and label the structures and functions of the plant and animal cells.
 Capture ascreen shot of your Conclusion screen before exiting the exercise and paste it to a Microsoft® Word document. To do this, press the Print Screen or Prt Scr key on the upper-right hand corner of your keyboard, open a Word document, then press Ctrl + V. Your screen shot should paste directly into the document.
 Provide a list describing at least· five similarities and three differences between plant and animal cells. In addition, choose five internal structures of plant or animal cells and describe their functions in your own words.
 Post as a Microsoft® Word attachment.

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