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CE 499 Unit 8 Project Lesson Plan Latest

  • CE 499 Unit 8 Project Lesson Plan Latest
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CE 499 Unit 8 Project Lesson Plan NEW

Content: Student addresses the following:
Include the age or grade level, subject areas, and topic. 
State your objective(s), which are the learning outcomes.  Your objective(s) should clearly state what you want your students to learn by the end of the lesson. 
List key vocabulary that students will need to understand the lesson.
List the materials needed for the lesson.
Include the anticipatory set in which you tell the students what the lesson is about and activate the students’ prior knowledge related to the topic.
Describe the lesson procedure (instruction, guided practice, and independent practice).  Consider diverse learning styles, social interaction, and developmentally appropriate strategies.
Include at least one way that you will differentiate instruction for your diverse learners.  Provide at least one example of how you would accommodate a child with a special need. (You may select a specific special need.)
Include at least one way you could involve parents in the lesson.
Describe how you will assess student learning. Consider authentic assessments.


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