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CJ 503 Operation Scenario 2 NEW

In the second place, emotions defined as either primary or secondary, of which primary is the first emotional feeling a person feels, in comparison to the secondary, which where that emotional feeling tends to lead to (Scaruffi, nd).
Upon first observation, it is quite clear that officer’s perception on their method of organizing as well as interpreting their impressions related to the potential changes occurring within their surroundings and the primary purpose of the evaluation (Robbins, & Judge, 2013).
Upon observation of the issues relevant to the events occurring, the following recommendations suggested for improvement, it is obvious there is an inappropriate amount of distrust because of presence of the organizational changes now pursuing.
Comparatively, observation of the relationships between the police department, as well as the citizens of the lower socio-economic areas of the communities show, significant high levels of distrust.  Which must address immediately, primarily, the perceptions of the lower economical communities need to overcome by their experiences met in the past to overcome critical issues of distrust among the residents and the police department (Wilson, 2012).

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