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CRMJ 410 Week 3 Assignment Latest

  • CRMJ 410 Week 3 Assignment Latest
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CRMJ 410 Week 3 Assignment Latest

Chapter 6 Offenses against Persons


Questions For Thought and Discussion

3. How can the prosecution establish the corpus delicti in a murder case when the body of the victim cannot be found?

5. Why has the common-law doctrine of felony murder become controversial among courts and legal scholars in recent years?

Problems For Discussion and Solution

3. Several college freshmen enter the dean’s private office and remain there for several hours. They refuse to let the dean leave until he yields to their demands to allow unrestricted visitation in all dormitories. Under contemporary criminal statutes, what offense, if any, have the students committed? Explain. 

4. An intoxicated driver recklessly drove his vehicle into a car being driven by a woman who was seven months pregnant. As a result of the accident, the woman’s baby was born prematurely, suffered from extensive brain damage, and died two days later. The state law defines a person as an individual “who has been born and is alive.” Nevertheless, the state prosecuted the intoxicated driver, and a jury found him guilty of manslaughter. Do you think an appellate court should uphold the defendant’s conviction? Why or why not?

Chapter 7 Property Crimes


Questions For Thought and Discussion

11. What is the rationale for courts to require that to obtain a conviction for possession of burglary tools the state must prove the accused knowingly had possession of burglar’s tools, knew the tools could be used for a criminal purpose, and intended to use them for such purpose?

 12. Assume you are working as a staff assistant to a legislator who desires to introduce a bill to assist merchants who are experiencing losses from “bad checks.” What types of provisions and penalties would you recommend?

Chapter 8 Offenses Against Public Morality


Questions For Thought and Discussion

3. Do you think proponents of same-sex marriage can use the Supreme Court’s decision in Lawrence v. Texas as a basis for constitutional assaults on state laws that prohibit such unions?

6. How are laws proscribing obscenity susceptible to the over breadth and vagueness challenges discussed in Chapter 3?

8. Do you think Congress can devise a law that will pass constitutional muster to protect children from Internet pornography? What suggestions do you have in this area?

Problems For Discussion and Solution


1. Tanya Thong has been convicted of indecent exposure stemming from an incident in which she appeared topless on a public beach. On appeal, Thong argues that the indecent exposure statute amounts to unconstitutional sex discrimination because it prohibits women, but not men, from baring their breasts in public. Does Thong have a valid argument?

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