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CSEC 640 Lab2 Assignment Latest

  • CSEC 640 Lab2 Assignment Latest
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CSEC 640 Lab2 Assignment Latest

CSEC 640 Lab2 Assignment
Objectives: Use Snort & Wireshark for Intrusion Detection
Total Points: 100 points (weight: 10% of course grade)
Due date: By the end of Week 7
Goal of the Lab: This lab is intended to provide experience with the Snort and Wireshark programs. Snort is a simple and powerful network monitoring agent. You are given a packet trace data file (snort.out) posted in Week 7 conference and you are asked to write snort rules to identify specific packet types based on the packet data file.
General Directions: 
1. Please submit ONE Word document with a cover page and your answers to all 4 Lab2 questions and sub-questions on Pages 7 and 8 below to Lab2 assignment folder. 
2. Please include each original question before your answer. Cite and list research sources used per APA format. 
3. You are not required to submit this individual assignment to However, the instructor will run the submission in Turnitin if there is any question on the originality of the submission. 
4. Name your Word lab answer file in this format: Lab2-YourLastname

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