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ECET 425 Week 1 Homework Latest

  • ECET 425 Week 1 Homework Latest
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ECET 425 Week 1 Homework Latest.

 1.A cable has the following parameters at 10 kHz:

Determine the characteristic impedance, attenuation constant (a), and phase constant (b) for this cable.

2.Derive the expression for the characteristic impedance of the symmetric T-section attenuator shown in the figure below. If R1=50 Ω and R2=100 Ω, find the characteristic impedance Ro.

What is the attenuation per section in decibels?

4.A section of a low-loss transmission line is 0.40 wave length long and is terminated in a short circuit. Its characteristic impedance is 73 ohms. The frequency of operation is 200 MHz. Determine the input impedance of the line section. 

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