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Fin 385 Week 6 Quiz Latest

  • Fin 385 Week 6 Quiz Latest
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Fin 385 Week 6 Quiz Latest

1. (TCO 7) Which has a greater impact on a bond's price?
2. (TCO 7) To calculate a bond's duration, you must ________.
3. (TCO 7) A way to automatically immunize a portfolio from interest rate fluctuations is to _______.
4. (TCO 7) Which of these statements is true about active bond management?
5. (TCO 7) Managing bond portfolios is all about _______.
6. (TCO 9) Which of the following terms doesn't belong with the others?
7. (TCO 9) Another approach to determining expected return from common stock on the part of stockholders is use of the _____
8. (TCO 9) The capital structure weights in applying the WACC formula come from _______
9. (TCO 9) Use of the WACC formula to determine the discount rate to use in capital budgeting decisions _______
10. (TCO 9) What is the primary purpose of the WACC calculation?
11. (TCO 9) Since it's difficult to forecast projected dividend growth to use in the dividend discount formula, a common practice would be to ________.
12. (TCO 9) In applying the WACC formula, the capital structure weights come from ____.

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