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HCS 370 Assignment Week 2 Navigating Employee Groups Latest

  • HCS 370 Assignment Week 2 Navigating Employee Groups Latest
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HCS 370 Assignment Week 2 Navigating Employee Groups Latest

Navigating Employee Groups HCS 370 Assignment Week 2

Navigating Employee Groups

Justin was recently hired as a manager at a medical waste management company. Because he is new to the company and has been assigned to work with a diverse group of employees, Justin’s supervisor asked him to develop an analysis and plan for working with his employee group. This task will help Justin understand his employees, anticipate possible employee interactions, and help him work through group conflict should it arise. Justin decided to create a chart to catalog his analysis and plan.

Research diversity in the workplace using the internet and materials presented in the Assignment Weekly readings and activities.

Complete the analysis and plan chart.


Knowledge of employee behavior, background, and habits.

Explain the impact each employee could have on the organization. 

Explain the strength this type of employee can bring to the organization.    

Explain at least 2 motivational strategies you could use with each employee to increase job satisfaction and job performance.


Does not have a college- level degree but has been working at the company for 30 years   


Dominant workplace personality and prefers to take charge during projects


Spent many years traveling the world and working in different types of work environments         


Recently graduated college with a master’s degree; little work experience  

Cite any reputable references used to complete your chart. Reputable references include trade or industry publications; government or agency websites; scholarly works;yourtextbook,Organizational Behavior, Theory, and Design in Health Care (2nd ed.); or other sources of similar quality.

Format your references section and any in-text citations used in your chart according to APA guidelines.

Submit your assignment.

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