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HSM 311 Week 3 Research Paper Draft Latest

  • HSM 311 Week 3 Research Paper Draft Latest
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HSM 311 Week 3 Research Paper Draft NEW

Research Paper Draft. Review the Final Research Paper instructions found within Week Five of your online course or under the “Components of Course Evaluation” section of this guide. The Final Research Paper is due in Week Five. To help with the preparation of the paper, complete the following and submit to your instructor for feedback.

a. Topic: State the topic that you chose from the list below:  Racial profiling in the war on terrorism.  Water-boarding and other coercive tactics of interrogation on detained terrorist suspects.  The PATRIOT Act in regards to its authorization of surveillance and search and seizure. The invasion of Iraq in regards to the use of preventive/pre-emptive war.
 The use of military tribunals in adjudicating the guilt or innocence of known or suspected
2. Thesis: Develop your thesis statement. This will be one sentence and will become the point or perspective
you will argue or prove in the paper. Please refer to the Ashford Online Writing Center or the Ashford-
approved style guide for information on how to develop a solid thesis.
3. References: List at least three scholarly references that you intend to use in addition to the text. List them
using APA citing.
4. Outline: Prepare an outline for your intended paper using APA format.

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