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PSY 313 Module 2 Assignment 2 Reinforcement and Punishment Latest

PSY 313 Module 2 Assignment 2 Reinforcement and Punishment Latest
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PSY 313 Module 2 Assignment 2 Reinforcement and Punishment NEW

Social learning theory postulates that gender development is influenced by social environment, which includes the media. An individual’s gender-related behavior is either reinforced or punished during the development period based on the existing social beliefs and standards.

The following assignment will help you examine gender development from the perspective of both boys and girls based on today’s culture and with a look toward future trends.

Using the module readings, the University online library resources, and the Internet, research social learning theory and gender development during childhood.

Applying the tenets of the social learning theory, explain the role of reinforcement and punishment in gender-related behaviors for boys and girls. Address the following:

·         Identify 3–5 examples of gender-related behaviors that are developed through reinforcement or punishment. Be sure to provide a balanced view for boys and girls, and select examples which apply to the development of both boys and girls.

·         Explain, in detail, how these behaviors have been shaped by reinforcement and punishment.

·         Describe your own experiences with reinforcement and punishment of gender-related behaviors.

·         Comment on the following:

·         Explain the role of popular culture in the development of reinforcements and punishments.

·         Describe what reinforcements and punishments might look like in the future, given current societal trends.

Support your assertions using valid research. Be sure to integrate a reflection of your personal experiences and examples throughout your paper.

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