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JRN 337 Week 3 Latests Writing Exercise Latest

  • JRN 337 Week 3 Latests Writing Exercise Latest
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JRN 337 Week 3 News Writing Exercise Latest

News Writing Exercise. “Without the proper ingredients, the best chef is no better than a short- order cook. Without the proper use of participant accounts, personal observation, and detail, the best writer’s stories land with a thud. Good writing begins with good reporting. You can settle for a dry police report, or you can go to the scene and gather details” (Brooks, et al., 2011, p. 197).
Assignment Instructions
Part I
For the first part of this assignment, read the following facts and write a news story using the traditional inverted pyramid and AP style guidelines:
Donna L. Neal, 18 of 34 Wayside Drive; Angela Kane, 18, of 263 Blue Ridge Road; Colleen M. Stark, 17, of 534 Grand Ave., all of Springfield. Neal, the driver, and Kane, a passenger, were killed at 1:30 a.m. Saturday. Their car went out of control on a curve near 8301 E. Stadium Drive on the north side of Truman Sports Complex in Springfield. The Neal car crossed into the westbound lane and hit the driver’s side of a tractor-trailer. The truck driver was not hurt. Stark was seriously injured. All three were thrown from the car. All three were students at Springfield High School. They would have graduated in a few weeks. All planned to attend college.
Part II
For the second part of this assignment, write a story using the information from Part I as well as the information obtained through your interviews. Consult Figure 11.1 in the News Reporting and Writing textbook to help you select the most appropriate news structure for your second story given the following information:
St. Regis Church is next to the school. Classmates reacted with great grief to the news that two of their classmates had been killed and one seriously injured. Many of them waited at the hospital where Colleen had surgery. She was still in critical condition.
Brother Mike Martin of St. Regis: “Donna Neal had to select her favorite hymns as part of a class assignment on funerals last fall. She selected ‘Be Not Afraid,’ ‘One Body, One Bread,’ and ‘On Eagle’s Wings.’ Those songs will be sung at a memorial to her and Kane Monday morning. She Said, ‘I want to be remembered as happy.’ That helped us pick out the songs and the readings. The saddest part of her 
funeral is the gospel reading. It’s about a widow asking Jesus to raise one of her children from the dead and bring it back to the family. Donna’s mother is a widow and has 13 kids.”
Brother Sidney Edmond: “I came in to grab a cereal bowl about 8 o’clock. One of the brothers said, ‘I’ve got some bad news for you.’ It was instant denial. I started saying, ‘No, no.’”
Throughout the day, students came to visit with the brothers and to talk to them.
The class that Donna selected the hymns and gospel reading for was one on death and dying. Her teacher was Brother Martin.
Part III
Write a one-paragraph response to the following questions:
1. What kind of lead did you decide to use for the second version of the story? Why?
2. How would your lead change if you were writing for web? Broadcast?

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