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MATH 270 Week 5 iLab Latest

  • MATH 270 Week 5 iLab Latest
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MATH 270 Week 5 iLab Latest

Part I: Separable Differential Equations
1. What is meant by separable? What should you look for in a differential equation to decide if it is separable or not?
2. Is  separable? If so, how can it be separated? Hint: Remember that  .
3. Integrate both the left and right sides of the result of question 2.
5. Can the result of question 3 be easily solved for y? If so, solve for y. If not, how should we write the final answer? Under what circumstances would the integration result in an equation that should not be solved for y?
7. Take the result of question 6 and find the particular solution given that y(0) = ½ . How is the initial condition used to find a particular solution? What are we solving for when we find a particular solution?

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