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PSYC 110 Week 2 Chapter 4 Study Plan Latest

  • PSYC 110 Week 2 Chapter 4 Study Plan Latest
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PSYC 110 Week 2 Chapter 4 Study Plan Latest


1 Natural cycles of activity that bodies must go through are called:

2 Delta waves are predominant in which stage of sleep?

3 Which of the following is TRUE about night terrors? 

4 A person with sleep apnea:

5 Which of the following parts of the body controls the sleep-wake cycle?

6 Withdrawal is a sign of:

7 Which of the following is NOT true about psychoactive drugs?

8 Which of the following kills the most people in the United States every year?

9 Opium and its derivatives, morphine and heroin, duplicate the action of which of the following?

10 Even in mild doses. marijuana negatively affects:

11 Methamphetamine is an example of a:

12 Barbiturates are known as:

13 Calvin Hall concluded that:

14 In the ____________ dreams are less realistic because they come not from the outside world of reality but from within people's memories and experiences.

15 The __________of a dream is the actual dream itself.

16 On Sara's walk to campus one morning, she was thinking about what a nice day it was, how many people were already on campus. and how she had to stop by the bookstore on her way to class. Sara was experiencing:

17 Niles has begun to fall asleep suddenly during the day, sometimes in inappropriate places. Niles is most likely suffering from:

18 Nightmares are more common in children than in adults because ________.

19 Derek was tying on the couch and had fallen asleep when all of a sudden his body jerked, and he woke up because he felt like he was falling. Derek was most likely in which stage of sleep?

20 Debbie's psychoanalyst tells her that the monster in her dream symbolizes her abusive father He is discussing the dream's:

21 Theodora suffers from an inability to get to sleep and to stay asleep. Which of the following would help Theodora with her insomnia?

22 Hypnosis is unable to do which of the following?

23 The key to hypnosis seems to be:

24 In Hilgard's theory, the _____remains aware of what is going on during hypnosis.

25 Mariam takes 20 minutes daily to sit by herself and meditate. A fully meditative state is a form of:



4.   ____________ causes dehydration and a rise in body temperature.    

 11. The ___________ is the internal clock that tells people when to wake up and when  to fall asleep. 

14.  In studies in which volunteers spend several days without access to information  about day or night, their sleep—wake cycles:   

15.  A sudden loss of muscle tone is called:    

20. The social-cognitive theory of hypnosis assumes that people who are hypnotized are:

21.  If your psychoanalyst tells you that your emergence from a bathtub in your dream is symbolic of being born, she is talking about your dream's:

22. While many people take LSD in order to experience its hallucinogenic qualities, why can this become a dangerous activity?

27. Driving and talking on a cell phone at the same time is an example of a state of:


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