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PSYC 110 Week 1 Chapter 2 Study Plan Latest

  • PSYC 110 Week 1 Chapter 2 Study Plan Latest
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PSYC 110 Week 1 Chapter 2 Study Plan Latest


1.  A work-related accident left Bob with a paralyzed left arm and an inability to recognize the left side of           his visual field. Bob's condition is called:

2.  If the pancreas secretes too much insulin, it results in a condition known as:

3.  According to the textbook, scientists are investigating the use of stem cells to:

4.  Which sense is the only one that is NOT processed through the thalamus?

5.  When people are walking, raising their hands in class, or smelling a flower, they are using the:

6.  The venom of a black widow spider is an example of a(n)………………….which mimics or enhances the effects of neurotransmitters.

7.  Which statement most accurately explains the difference in functioning between the right hemisphere of the brain and the left hemisphere'?

8. The job of the sympathetic division of the autonomic nervous system is to: control voluntary muscles.

9. The spinal cord's outer section is made up of…………….and the inner section is made up of………...

10. The……………is a network of cells that carries information to and from all parts of the body.

11. The part of the autonomic nervous system known as the "eat-drink-and-rest" system is the:

12. The………….s composed of the brain and the spinal cord.

13. Neuroplastucuty is:

14. The saclike structures that are found at the end of a neuron's axon and that contain neurotransmitters are called:

15. When the action potential gets to the end of the axon: the cell dies.

16. A branch of the life sciences that deals with the structure and functioning of the nervous system is called
17. Neurons fire:

18. Special types of glial cells generate a protective fatty substance called: 

19. When a neuron is at rest, the ions inside the cell are mostly ……………and ion outside the cell are mostly……………..

20. The adrenal glands are located right on top of:

21. The "master gland" that controls or influences all of the other endocrine glands is the:

22. Dorothy has spinocerebellar degeneration, a condition that is likely to cause her to have difficulty with:

23. The part of the brain that controls life•sustaining functions, such as heartbeat, breathing, and swallowing, is the:

24. A functional MRI (fMRI) and a PET scan both:

25. A(n)………………is used to record the activity of the cortex just below the skull.

Post Test:

1.  ...……provides energy for the brain during stress.

2. What is the primary role of the adrenal glands?

4.  Which endocrine gland is located in the neck and regulates metabolism?

6. Why is the cortex so wrinkled?

7.  Which area of the brain influences sleep and dreaming?

8. Mr. Phillips is having a test to see if he is suffering from seizures. Electrodes are attached to his scalp to measure the electrical activity of the brain. Mr. Phillips is having a(n):

9. Unlike other glands, such as salivary or sweat glands, endocrine glands:

11. Which of the following is most closely related to the functioning of the parasympathetic division?

12. If the neurotransmitter affected by an antagonist is inhibitory itself, the result will be……… the activity of the cell.

14. The thalamus can be likened to a:

16. Melissa is walking around barefoot and steps on a sharp nail. She feels the pain and immediately pulls her foot off the ground away from the nail Which neurons were involved in her response?

26. The first identified neurotransmitter was:

27. In the disease………….,the myelin sheath is destroyed.

29. When neurons fire and transmit messages, they:

30. Special types of glial cells generate a protective fatty substance called:


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