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PSYC 110 Week 3 Chapter 6 Study Plan Latest

  • PSYC 110 Week 3 Chapter 6 Study Plan Latest
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PSYC 110 Week 3 Chapter 6 Study Plan Latest

1) A(n) ___________ amnesic  is a memory expert or someone with exceptional memory ability.


2) Ebbinghaus's ___________shows that forgetting happens quickly, within the first hour, and then   tapers off gradually

3) The __________ is the part of the brain that is responsible for the formation of new long-term declarative memories.

4) Explicit memory begins to form after about age two  ___________.

5) When a memory is being formed, several changes take place in the brain in a process called:

6) The information-processing model of memory suggests that:

7) The Tower of Hanoi study found that people with anterograde amnesia:

8) Research on __________ has implications for understanding learning and attention disorders as well as various dementia-related memory problems.

9) According to Craik and Lockhart. information that is ___________ will be remembered more effectively and for a longer period of time.
10) One may transfer information from short-term memory (STM) into long-term memory (LTM) by:

11) Which of the following best describes psychologist John Kihlstrom's comments when talking about Bartlett's book on memory?

12) In a study discussed in the textbook that researched the effects of different types of information on memory, subjects viewed a slide presentation of a traffic accident The actual slide presentation contained a stop sign, but in a written summary of the presentation, the sign was referred to as a yield sign What were the results of this study?

13) The fact that everyone remembers that George Washington was the first president points to the primacy effect as a result of:
14) What is the best way for a person to overcome the tip-of-the-tongue phenomenon? 

15) The idea that memory formation is a simultaneous process is reflected in the:

16) Psychologists consider memory to be:

17) As opposed to ____________ memories, ______________ memories are easily made conscious.

18) In his 1932 book, Sir Frederic Bartlett wrote that he viewed memory:

19) Mrs. Tuttle was 97 years old and suffered from forgetfulness and mental confusion She was probably experiencing:

20) Marcos and his friends enjoy watching football together on Sundays. After some of the games are over, Marcos tells his friends that he knew all along who would win the game. Marcos' belief that he could predict the outcome of some of the games without having been told the winners in advance is an example of:



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